Writing Portfolio (“Clips”): Samples & Sorted Lists

Here’s my writing portfolio (“clips,” in journalism lingo) — my bylined articles, sponsored/custom content and PR projects, humor and some other writing, with (where possible) links. (Currently, this page doesn’t include my fiction, tech manuals, Internet book, or many of my older articles.)

To (hopefully) make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for, I’ve selected a short (under a dozen) bunch of samples, along with sorting my articles in various ways:

(Sadly but unsurprisingly, many of the older sites/pubs have re-organized, breaking my original links and/or not keeping my (and my colleagues’) articles up, or are simply gone. I’m (slowly) working on re-finding these articles and/or posting those I’d done web saves of. Meanwhile, if there are other samples or types of samples you’d like to see, contact me. And if you’ve got/found anything I’ve missed, please let me know — thanks!)

Selected Writing Samples

Here’s some selected samples to help give you a sense of what I do — a mix of bylined journalism and custom/sponsored content, features, interviews, case histories, tech and science fiction event reports, etc. (If you don’t see what you’re looking for either here or in Sorted By Topic or Sorted by Type, contact me.)

Articles and PR Projects, Sorted By Type

Here’s some of the by-lined articles, and (non-by-lined) PR projects I’ve done, sorted by type:


I’ve been doing some blogging on my own, along with some paid bylined (my-name) blogging, and some “ghost-blogging” (PR/marketing for client companies — my name only on the check).

My Blog

Trying Technology (www.TryingTechnology.com) is my tech blog. Like the name suggests, about the technologies (business and consumer hardware, software, sites, services, etc.) I’m trying, and how trying technologies can be.

Other Blogs And Blog Posts With My Name on them:

Blog posts — including feature length articles — with my byline have appeared on sites including Business Trends Quarterly (2x/week, while the gig lasted), Functionize, Future,
GrabCAD, InformationWeek SMB, Internet Evolution, and Talend.


Companies I’ve done ghost/PR/marketing blog posts for include Zetta.

Career & Management Advice:

Case Histories:

(This includes articles that have one or more case histories in them.)

plus dozens of case histories done over the years that aren’t online, for companies including BBN (when I was PR manager), Data General, Gandalf, and others — I’ll be scanning and posting them in the coming months.


Over the past several decades, I have written columns for everything from Internet magazines to PR directories, folk music magazines and Thursday,the long-gone MIT student newspaper. (Please don’t hesitate to contact me to offer me another regular column to write!)

Here’s a list of current and past column titles, which in turn link to as many of the actual the columns I’ve been able to find online, or had available. (I’ve included direct links to one or two samples here, though.) (This list from is from my Columns page.)

plus, like I said, assorted general-commentary and folk music reviewing columns in no-longer-extent publications like Thursday and a NightFall, a Boston-based entertainment scene pub (as opposed to the pub scene).

Editorials & OpEds:

Emerging Technologies:

Feature Articles:

As in, “longer than 500 words, more topical and time-general than a news article, not a specific product review, or an opinion.” These aren’t all the articles I’ve written that are “features,” more as a representative sample.

Interviews & Profiles:

Marketing, Sales & PR:

News Stories:

I’ve done a lot of news stories over the years, in particular, for

plus news stories in other places including IEEE Spectrum and MultiChannel News:

Photos & “Slide Shows”:

While I’m primarily a writer, a growing number of my assignments have been “slide shows” — a series of photos with titles and captions — and I’ve also (with helpful advice from TechRevu editor Ernest Lilley) learned to organize event/project photos.

Product Reviews, Roundups & News:

This includes brief summaries, new-product announcements/news, and reviews, tests and related write-ups, from ComputerWorld, eWeek.com, TechRevu.com, and other places.

Show/Event Coverage, Including Pre-Show Dailies:

Tech How-To’s:

My By-lined Articles and PR Projects, Sorted By Topic/Technology

Here’s some of the by-lined articles, and PR projects, I’ve done, sorted by topic/technology:

3D Printing, Industry 4.0, Additive Manufacturing:

Accounting, Banking, Financial Services:

Bio-IT, Medical, Telemedicine, & Health:


Many of my articles on KVMs, Power (UPS, Mobile, Fuel Cells, Etc.), Cooling, and Data Centers. Power Over Ethernet (802.3af), Professional Services/Consulting, Security (Computer, Network), and VoIP, Video, 802.11, WiFI, Bluetooth, WiMAX, Wireless, Etc., and other technologies include health/medical-related mentions.

Articles with health/medical mini-case histories, user quotes, include:

Cameras & Photography:

Certifications, Regulatory:

Channel, VAR, ISVs, etc.:

  • VAR Dynamics Combines CRM, Mobile Access — SaaS-based TenDigits MobileAccess for Dynamics CRM provides access from Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and RIM’s BlackBerry. (InformationWeek SMB, September 27, 2010) (news)


  • Penryn Core Will Speed Notebooks, Stretch Battery Life — Intel’s New CPU Tech Brings Performance Benefits (eWeek Mid-Market, May 08, 2008) (news article)
  • iAMT – A Giant Step Forward — With Intel’s Active Management Technology, IT staffers will be able to remotely monitor and manage networked computers in any state?even when they’re off or broken. (NetComm catalog, January 2005)
  • The Future Is Bright: 64-bit computing with AMD’s Opteron — CDW NetComm catalog, April 2004, pages 69-73
  • Emerging Technologies, Part II — 64-bit computing, iSCSi, Open Source and web services , CDW NetComm catalog, March 2004, pages 52-55.
  • Emerging Technologies, Part I — A look at some of the technologies in or emerging from the labs: 3G Wireless Phone Services, 10 GB Ethernet, MRAM and FRAM, and Fibre Channel (CDW NetComm catalog, February 2004)

Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS),SOA:

Comic Books & Graphic Novels:

Computer Accessories:

“Consumers” & End Users:

Digital Signage, Wayfinding, & Video Walls:

Entrepreneurial & Start-Ups

Government & Education:

“Green,” Environmental, Recycling, Etc.:


Home Office, Work From Home, Telecommuting, Etc.

Internet Of Things:

IT/Management Advice:

KVMs & Remote Access:

Linux & Open Source:

Mobile Computing & Teleworking:

Museums (Computer/tech & other):

Networks & Networking:

Notebooks, Netbooks, Ultralights, Subnotebooks, UMPCs, PDAs, etc.

Network/System Management/Administration:

Data Centers, Power (UPS/Surge, Mobile, Energy Fuel Cells, Etc.), Energy, Cooling, Data Centers, & Physical Infrastructure:

Power Over Ethernet (& HDMI, USB, etc.):

Printers, Printing, Document Management:

Professional Services/Consulting:

  • “Data Center Virtualization Creating New Consulting Opportunities” — Is interest in server/storage virtualization for IT optimization in data centers creating new consulting opportunities? ( Kennedy Information’s May 2006 Global IT Services Report monthly newsletter. Note: My name is on the masthead as a contributor, but not on the individual articles, and most of the content is only accessible to subscribers.)
  • “The Changing Role of IT Architects,” — As IT applications change from “silos” to more complex architectures, often crossing organizational boundaries, how is the role of IT architects changing, especially for consultants. (Kennedy Information’s March 2006 Global IT Services Report monthly newsletter.)
  • Doing More With Less — CDW’s Professional Services (rewrite and expansion based on their initial draft) – CDW Technology Services, pp 62-63, Spring 2005
  • In Transition? Use CDW’s New Location Services Planning to set up a new office or move to a new location? (CDW NetComm catalog, April 2005)

Science Fiction (Authors, About, Etc.):

Every so often I get the fun of interviewing and/or quoting science fiction writers, talking about science fiction books, or doing other sf-related stuff within the context of my technology, trade and business writing, or simply writing about science fiction books, movies, events, etc. nam(Many of these are event reports from/about science fiction conventions; many of these appeared on the File770.com science fiction fan new site or SFRevu.com.)

Security (Computer, Network, Data Center):

Small Office/Home Office (SOHO):

SmartPhones & Tablets:


Software, Web Programming & Development:

Space (including NASA):

Storage (NAS, mobile, etc) & Backup:

Testing & QA (hardware, software, products):

Virtualization & Consolidation:

VoIP, Video, 802.11, WiFI, Bluetooth, WiMAX, Wireless, Etc.:

Web 2.0, Social Networking, Virtual Worlds, Collaboration, Etc.:

Windows (IT, admin and end-user), and other Microsoft stories/topics:

Writers & Writing

Business, tech, and other advice for journalists, PR/marketing, fictioneers, and others in the “writing game.”

Articles, Sorted By Publication/Site

And other publications and sites I’ve also written for include: the Boston Herald, Business Trends Quarterly (blogging) Byte.com, CeBIT America 2003 Show Previews/Dailies, CIO.com, CMP Pipelines, Comdex and Interop Show Previews/Dailies, Computer Click Magazine, Computer Shopper, INTEROP’s ConneXions newsletter, CrossNodes.Com, CSO Online Datamation Dell TechPageOne DEMO.com, DigitalLanding, DrDobbs, eWeek, ExtremeTech, Federal Computing Week, Fortinet (blog). Government Computer News, Home Office Computing, HP’s InputCreatesOutput.com, HP World, InformationWeek, InformationWeek SMB (news/blogging), InfoWorld, Internet Evolution, InformIT, Information Security, The Inquirer, Internet.com Hardware Central, IoT (Internet Of Things) Journal, Intuit QuickBase, iPass Connect, IT Business Network IT Expert Voice, Kennedy Information, LinuxPlanet, LinuxWorld.com, Mass High Tech, The Mozy Blog, MultiChannel News Newton TAB, NetBioTek.com, Network World, Network Computing, NewsForge.com, O’Reilly Network, PCMag, ReadWriteWeb, Ricoh’s Work Intelligent.ly, SDTimes, Sears ManageMyLife, Sm@rt Partner, Sun Expert, Systems Management Pipeline, T.H.E. Journal, Verizon, VMware’s Radius; The Bridge, VON Magazine, VPNHaus, Web Week, and Weebly.

Boston Globe, BetaBoston, Globe.com:

Business Trends Quarterly:

These are paid blog entries. BTQ assigns the general topics (two a week, from their focus areas), and then I take it from there. Here’s their main page for my blog postings, and here are the specific posts:


In the early 1990s, I wrote two Internet-related articles for BYTE magazine — then still in its thick-issue print heydey. (Among other things, these articles led to my becoming the first editor-in-chief of Internet World magazine, and helped pave the way for my INTERNET GUIDE FOR NEW USERS book.

From May 1999 through October 2001, I was Managing Editor and then Executive Editor of Byte.com, a web-only re-incarnation of BYTE magazine. As part of my job (along with herding Jerry Pournelle and the other writers), I wrote:


(If you are just looking for one or two of my older Byte pieces, and can’t find them through other web searches, contact me.)

A year or so after I left, Byte.com went to a subscription basis, then to a some-free/some-free… and increasingly moribund. In 2011, BYTE.com was re-revised as a web site, and, happily, I’ve been able to do some articles for the new site.

Byte Articles

Selected “From The Editor” Editorials

As you should be able to tell, I had a lot of fun writing these…


(Note, CDW doesn’t give bylines in its catalogs, as a rule; but does in some of the magazine articles.)

CeBIT America 2003 Show Daily, inc. Preview Edition:

CeBIT America 2003 Show Daily (Preview and at-show edition): CeBIT is best known for their show in Hannover, Germany which makes even the Vegas Comdex show looks small and manageable. Their first first conference foray in the U.S. was in June 2003; I did ten pieces for the Show Daily (print and online editions):

CIO Magazine

CMP Pipelines:

As one of my free-lance gigs, I was Editor of CMP’s Systems Management Pipeline site from May 2004 (pre-launch) through the end of July 2004. (Most of the Pipeline editors, including myself, were/are freelancers doing it as a slightly-more-than-halftime gig.)

Being a Pipeline editor included writing news stories from press release, doing “blog” editorials, assigning some freelance pieces, doing the online content production/management, and sundry other tasks.

I won’t bother linking to the sundry news releases I really edited rather than wrote, but here’s some of the features, “blog” editorials and news stories I did.

This list also includes articles I wrote as a freelance writer for the Systems Management Pipeline and other Pipeline sites

Note, many these and other feature/news articles I did were also “hoovered” — picked up and re-used by CMP’s TechWeb News and by other CMP Pipeline sites including the Advanced IP Pipeline, Desktop Pipeline, Developer Pipeline, Enterprise Applications Pipeline, IT Utility Pipeline, Linux Pipeline, Mobile Pipeline, Networking Pipeline, Security Pipeline, Server Pipeline, Small Business Pipeline, Storage Pipeline, Web Services Pipeline, and also CMP’s CommWeb. (The Systems Management Pipeline similarly repurposed many from these Pipelines and other CMP TechWeb sites.)

Comdex and Interop Show Previews, Dailies:

Computer Shopper:


Computer Click Magazine

  • Be Prepared — A Paranoid’s Guide to Computer Ownership (October, 2002) — My summary of free, cheap and affordable — and easy — steps anybody can (and should!) do to protect their computer, and the data on it. E.g. virus scanners, UPSs, backups, and more. Nothing earthshattering here; this is meant as an accessible piece for the new computer owner/user. Note, here’s another good article on the subject, with additional advice — written for VARs, but also good for end users: Twelve Steps to PC Hardening, by A. Lizard (pseudonym for a San Francisco based Internet consultant.)
  • How To Pay For Things — Safely — On The Web (November 2002) — My first “Care & Feeding” column in this new magazine.

INTEROP’s ConneXions newsletter:

ConneXions was a monthly newsletter from the Interop Company (which did the INTEROP events), published from 1987-1996.

I was arguably one of the few “civilians” — people not part of any IETF working groups or committees, nor working for vendors involved in Internet-related projects — who wrote for ConneXions. The first piece I wrote for them, “The ARPAnet is Twenty” (listed at the bottom here), took advantage of my having been working at BBN for the previous near-six years, and helped pave the way for my Internet book.

All issues of ConneXions have been archived online, as PDFs, so I’ve put the links to the issue, rather than article name.

Content Standard:

(Skyword’s site for writers)


  • Certifications: Worth It or Not? — “Are certifications like MCSE, CNA, CCIE or A+ worth it — from the perspective of network managers and other IT management in hiring and retaining qualified network staff?” (March 4, 2002)

CSO Online



Dell TechPageOne:


  • Backing Up Your Files – A look at consumer-oriented online backup services, including important things to know, and sample providers (DigitalLanding.com, September 2007)

Dr. Dobb’s:


Articles I’m doing for eWeek currently include product reviews & write-ups, and enterprise printer news stories (many of which have also been posted in eWeek’s ChannelInsider area), and I’ve written other news and feature articles for eWeek.

Product Reviews & Write-Ups:

Enterprise Printer News Stories:

Other News & Feature Articles:


Home Office Computing

HP World:



(And I had a few articles in Datamation, wayyyy back when, including one just before it was bought by Cahners.)


EH Publishing

EH Publishing’s Tech Decisions Media division is a family of six vertical market-specific websites:

  • CorporateTechDecisions.com — for Corporate (small, medium and large businesses)
  • HospitalityTechDecisions.com — for Hospitality (hotels, bars, restaurants, etc.)
  • HealthcareTechDecisions.com — for Healthcare
  • HigherEdTechDecisions.com — Higher education
  • K-12TechDecisions.com — for K-12
  • WorshipTechDecisions.com — for houses of worship

I’ve done a mix of tech-topic case histories, and features, event-related news, and other pieces for EHP’s TechDecisions family of sites. (Note, a story may get posted to several of the TechDecisions sites, each with a site-specific URL. I’m not always including all these parallel appearances.)

Features, Event-Related News, etc.

Case Histories


(Note, EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet.com is part of QuinStreet.)


File770.com “is the online version of Mike Glyer’s science fiction fan newzine, reporting on fanzines, sf clubs, conventions, fan funds and fanac.”

Aside from being one of the motley bunch of readers, commenters, and “scroll” title suggestors, I periodically write up something longer, like these:

Fortinet (blog):

Fortinet’s blog includes bylined posts from non-Fortinet experts, journalists, etc. — including me.



(Ghostwritten/custom/sponsored articles)

GrabCAD (blog):

Blog posts for GrabCAD, a part of Stratasys Software, which provides 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions. GrabCAD supports CAD for designers, engineers, and manufacturers, through its Workbench collaboration tool and its library of free CAD files.

HP’s InputCreatesOutput.com:

(InputCreatesOutput.com is a custom news/feature site from HP.)

Illinois CPA Society (ICPAS) Insight:

INSIGHT is the monthly magazine of the Illinois CPA Society; I’ve been writing technology feature articles for them.


These are news, reviews, features, humor and other articles for the general online and print publication; I’ve also been writing blog posts and news articles for InformationWeek SMB.

InformationWeek SMB (SMB news & blogging):

From May 2010 through December 2010, one of my freelance gigs was writing a mix SMB-oriented news stories and blog posts for InformationWeek SMB — roughly one news story per day, for most of this time. My main beats were hardware/software, Open Source, and backup/storage, along with virtualization, cloud/SaaS, e-commerce, and the usual what-have-you.

Here’s InformationWeek SMB’s bio and article list for me.

InformationWeek SMB news stories

InformationWeek SMB blog posts

These are blog posts.

Most of my blog posts will be short (300-500 words), typically newsy or reviewsy.

Information Security:


The Inquirer

Internet Evolution

Internet.com Hardware Central

iPass Connect

iPass is a remote user access aggregator; its Connect site includes short product and topical articles.


IoT (Internet Of Things) Journal

Intuit QuickBase Blog

IT Business Network

IT Expert Voice

(ITExpertVoice.com is a Dell-sponsored site about “deploying Windows 7 in the large enterprise.”)



Feature articles and fun pieces for ITworld’s The Daily Tip:

Feature articles


ITworld’s The Daily Tip


Kennedy Information

Articles on Open Source/Linux, and IT architecture issues, for the Intelligence Briefing section of the Global IT Services Report a monthly newsletter focussing on the larger global IT service/consulting firms. (Note: My name is on the masthead as a contributor, but not on the individuaL articles, and most of the content is only accessible to subscribers.)

  • “Data Center Virtualization Creating New Consulting Opportunities” — Is interest in server/storage virtualization for IT optimization in data centers creating new consulting opportunities? (Answer: Yes, ranging from education and assessment through implementation) Quotes from BearingPoint, Broadleaf Services, Egenera, IBM, Transitional Data Services, Virtual Iron (May 2006)
  • “Role of Open Source Growing” — Growing role of Open Source software and methodologies at Accenture, CapGemini, CSC, EDS, and HP (June, 2006)
  • “Open Source as Consulting Opportunity” — Does Open Source Software create new consulting opportunities, and if so, what kind? Quotes from Wild Open Source, CapGemini Booz Allen Hamilton. (May 2006)
  • “The Changing Role of IT Architects,” — As IT applications change from “silos” to more complex architectures, often crossing organizational boundaries, how is the role of IT architects changing, especially for consultants. Quotes from CIBER, Inc., Systems and Software Consortium, Capgemini. (March 2006)
  • “What’s Ahead for Open Source Services in 2006” — Open Source adoption goes mainstream at enterprise level (Quotes from Eric Raymond; CapGemini; HP) (February 2006)




Network Computing:

Monthly Internet page (called the “H-reportl” “I-report,” or “The Internet Page”), and other articles:

MultiChannel News

Newton TAB


Network World:

From the “Careers” section:



O’Reilly Network:


Intuit QuickBase Blog

IT Expert Voice

(ITExpertVoice.com is a Dell-sponsored site about “deploying Windows 7 in the large enterprise.”)


Shortish bylined pieces for “The Mozy Blog”:


For Processor magazine (and their web site), I’ve done a mix:


Feature Articles

Tech In-Depth articles:

“Three Questions” Interviews:

(These are short three-question interviews.)

Featured Product Articles:

News Articles:


Ricoh’s Work Intelligent.ly

(Custom/sponsored content – some with my byline, some without)

Sears ManageMyLife:


These articles are sponsored — but writers are not told who the sponsor is until the project is done. (Note, you have to register to get to the articles, but there’s no cost to you.)


I’ve mostly written a mix of reviews, reports, and other stuff:

and I did a Comic book review column for about a year:

Book Reviews

  • A Stir of Bones by Nina Kiriki Hoffman — This prequel to Ms. Hoffman’s A RED HEART OF MEMORIES and PAST THE SIZE OF DREAMING isn’t quite as good as either these, but it’s good enough. A YA (also for former YA’s) tale of how Susan Backstrom gets involved with ghosts, the haunted house, and magic-wielding fellow teens in contemporary Oregon. (August 2003)
  • A Fistful of Sky, by Nina Kiriki Hoffman — A FISTFUL OF SKY doesn’t involve any of Hoffman’s previous novels’ characters, but, like them, it’s chockfull of magic, here, centered around the LaZelle family, who lives in Southern California, who as a rule have magical powers which typically manifest somewhere during puberty/ adolescence; in particular, we follow the tale, trials and challenges of Gypsum, a.k.a. “Gyp,” who, at age 21, hasn’t yet manifested any powers. Recommended.

Science Fiction Convention/Event Reports

Comic Book/Strip & Graphic Novel Reviews

  • “Graphic Novel” revew: SUPREME: THE RETURN, and SUPREME: THE STORY OF THE YEAR, Alan Moore’s comic books (here, collected in two trade paperback volumes, a.k.a. “graphic novels”) about Supreme. In these tales of this Superman-like character, Moore again shows he’s the master of superhero comic genres (and cliches), including Mad pastiches, cosmic plots, big trouble, humorous bits, and self-aware, self-referential characters. (August 2003)
  • The Life Eaters by David Brin and Scott Hampton (SFRevu.com, November 2003) (Graphic novel review)
  • “Graphic Novel” review Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon Volume I — Raymond created space-opera adventurer Flash Gordon in these Sunday funny pages stripes; this is planned as the first of three, collecting these long out-of-print strips, here the first two year’s worth. (August 2003)

Movie, TV, audio and multimedia reviews

Other Stuff

Daniel’s Comic Book Column

Smartbear’s Software Quality Matters Blog

SmartBear Software’s Software Quality Matters blog (previously called Software Quality Connection) is aimed at “software developers, testers, and IT professionals.”

Sm@rt Partner (Sm@rt Reseller):

Talend (including Stitch):


(TechBeacon is sponsored by HPE.com, but HP exercised no control over its content, and there was no requirement to mention HP or its products.)



(I’m a contributing editor to this, and also to TechRevu.com, its sibling site.)


I’ve news, reviews and features for a number of TechTarget sites, including:


Brighthand does smartphone news and reviews. Most of the apps and many of the accessories I’ve reviewed here have been for the iPhone.





T.H.E. Journal:

  • Taking Inventory — Benefits of IT software, hardware asset management (in K-12 schools and school districts) (T.H.E. Journal, June 2007)

My Trying Technology blog:


These are news/feature information sites sponsored by Verizon. (Note, not all articles have bylines.)


(Note: VPNHaus.com is sponsored by NCP Engineering; I quote one of their guys, and they got the final edit, but there’s no product mentions)

VON Magazine:

VON Magazine is/was Jeff Pulver’s Voice On the Net magazine!). I was initially a columnist (“VoiceOvers”); then I was a Contributing Editor, doing a feature article each issue.

Note: If the link to an entry you are looking for is broken, contact me and I can email you the article.

Feature articles:



Writer’s Market”:

  • “Record Keeping and Pricing,” 2013 Writer’s Market, pages 100-109

Sorted Chronologically, Newest-To-Oldest

By-lined and non-bylined articles, and PR projects, that I’ve done, newest-to-oldest, include: