Contact Me

To contact me: Email me at:  dern (at) pair (dot) com

Note, mostly to PR folks sending pitches, press releases, etc:

  • If it didn’t bounce, I have received it. As a rule, because of the (old-school) non-HTML email client I use, you (your email and other tracking systems) won’t know if I have opened/read a message. Again, if it didn’t bounce, I have received it.
  • If you didn’t get any expression of interest back from me, then I’m NOT interested; at least, not presently. If that changes, you’ll hear from me. I DO save all the messages/pitches that might be of interest in the future.
  • Please don’t “circle back” or otherwise follow up. As I am self-employed, dealing with such messages is taking away from productive time. If I have any interest and need more information, review samples, interviews, etc., I WILL CONTACT YOU.

Thanks for your understanding.