Daniel Dern (photo)As a free-lance technology and business writer — I do a mix of:

  • bylined tech and other journalism
  • custom and sponsored content (both bylined or my-name-only-on-the-check)
  • PR/marketing/”ghostwritten” materials.

(“Changing hats accounts for the bald spot… and I only wear one hat at a time, since otherwise it’s too hot.”)

This includes case histories (I *LOVE* writing case histories!), feature articles, blog posts, product round-ups & reviews, how-to’s, interviews, humor, news, OpEds, event reports, and more.

I’ve been a magazine/site editor (Internet World, Byte.com). And I’ve been a tech PR manager, and written PR and marketing projects, for lots of vendors and agencies. So I understand that side of the fence, including the point of view for the writing, and the sensitivities of customers (and of the account reps). (See my articles about PR, sales & marketing.)

Areas I follow in particular include cloud/virtualization, 3D printing, “green”/eco, mobile (phones, tablets, notebooks, apps, accessories), storage/backup/DR, security, UPS/power/cooling/data centers, digital signage, digital photography, Linux/Open Source, telecommuting, science fiction, comic books, and pets — plus whatever else I get assigned, of course!

I also write science fiction (including kids/YA, flash, Jewish-themed contemporary urban fantasy, and combinations thereof), science fiction fan news, book/music/comic reviews, songs, computer manuals, and other whatnot.

(And I’m also an occasional amateur magician.)

I’m always interested in being offered new columns. Also the opportunity to write more song lyrics, humor about the Internet and computers, and appropriate speaking engagements (including session moderation)!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there’s business we can do together!