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Here's some general information about the comic books, books, computer/office equiment and other sundry stuff I've got for sale, either listed here on my web site, or on eBay:

  • PRICES: I've done my best to price things fairly, based on prices checked recently on eBay,, Usenet, etc. If you think something's overpriced, feel free to tell me (preferably supporting your opinion with a URL or two).
  • SHIPPING: I'll ship by your choice of U.S. Post Office, or courier (UPS or FedEx), and your choice of what class of service... since you'll be the one paying for it.
  • HANDLING: Unless otherwise specified, I'll absorb the cost of any boxes or envelopes. Obviously, I'll do my best to pack things so they won't get hurt in transit -- and to use (easily) recycleable/reuseable packing (paper, bubblewrap, styrofoma peanuts -- depending on what I'm sending you, and what kind(s) of packing I've got kicking around).
  • PAYMENT: PayPal, or, unless otherwise specified, money order.

    (Note, you don't need a PayPal account to make payments to PayPal you can use a credit card to make a payment to PayPal. If you're feeling super-cautious about using your credit card online, and if your credit card company offers "One-Time-Use Numbers, such as American Express' Private Payments service, use that. See my article, How To Pay For Things -- Safely -- On The Web, for more on this and other aspects of paying online.)

  • INSURANCE: I don't think anything I'll be selling has any great value, but a long run of comics, or big enough pile of things could add up, I guess.

    FedEx and UPS automatically insure all packages for $100. (I think I have to declare it when shipping.) I'm happy to purchase additional insurance (at your expense) if you want. (If the additional insurance isn't that expensive, I may offer to throw that in for free, on a case-by-case basis.)

  • WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: If whatever digital picture(s) I've posted don't give enough info, let me know and I'll take and post/email another one or two.
  • CONDITION OF STUFF -- Comics & Books: I'm a reader/saver, not a "collector," meaning I haven't been worrying about the investment/resale value of things. I consider what I've got here "reading copies." I.e., almost nothing is in "mint" condition (and at these prices, you shouldn't expect them to be, either).

    Some of my comics are in bags, some aren't. Comic books and books are, unless otherwise noted, in reasonably good condition, but some will have the inevitable defects and imperfections that stuff gets laying around surrounded by the real world.

    If you're concerned, check with me before bidding/buying. I'm willing, within reason, to ask the comics store I buy at (The Outer Limits, in Waltham, Mass.) to offer opinions on the condition of some things.

  • CONDITION OF STUFF -- Computer/Office/Other Equipment: Unless otherwise specified, things work.

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