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Columns are one of my favorite forms of writing, both writing my own and reading other peoples' columns. Over the past several decades, I have written columns for everything from Internet magazines to PR directories, folk music magazines and Thursday,the long-gone MIT student newspaper. (Please don't hesitate to contact me to offer me another regular column to write!)

Column(s) I'm currently writing are:

    None. <Sigh> With the recent (May 1998) demise of PC Portables, I'm back down to zero columns. Anybody need a columnist?
Columns I used to write <sigh> include: plus, like I said, assorted general-commentary and folk music reviewing columns in no-longer-extent publications like Thursday and a NightFall, a Boston-based entertainment scene pub (as opposed to the pub scene).

Current Dern Columns

(Like I said above, I'm "in between" columns at present.)

Columns I used to write...

Nothing lasts forever. Editorial focuses come and go, editors come and go; indeed, entire publications come and go. Columns I used to write (often, as you'll see, for publications that don't exist anymore -- there's no moral here) include:

My "Putting The Internet To Work" column in Communications News magazine

This is a series of one-page or so (airline magazine sized pages, ranging from 600 to 1,000 words) articles on, like the column name says, putting the Internet to work for your business. The columns started around the beginning of 1996; the last one appeared in Fall 1997. I liked doing this one a lot, and got some nice email about it.

'Dern Columns' currently available from Communications News' web site include:

My "PR Tips and Techniques" column in the Computer Media Directory

The Computer Media Directory was a quarterly editors-and- editorial-calendars publication for high-tech marketing and PR types. (Like MediaMap, which is still extant.) I wrote this column for several years; here's some of the more still-relevant ones.

My "Signing Off" column (not my title) in Corporate Online magazine

The "end of book" column, in a relatively new magazine. They recently suggested I should "make my column funnier," which should strike anybody who knows me as funny in itself, but hey, I was happy to comply. Sadly, they folded after about six issues.

Since, for whatever reason, Corporate Online seems to have only put up one or two articles on the web, none of which are mine. Poo. So here's (coming soon) some of my columns from there, along with titles of the rest:

  • "Before you use the Internet"
  • "Internet Overuse"
  • "Fun With Your New Internet"
  • "More Fun with Your New Intranet"
  • "When Intranets come marching home"
  • "Waiter, There's a Bug in my Intranet"

My "The USA Today" column in Internet Magazine magazine

One of the first UK-based magazines about the Internet. (I wanted the column title to be "Our American .Cousin" or "Our American Net.Cousin" but they didn't do it. So it goes.) I was a near- regular columnist here for about a year; I'll try to dig up some samples RSN.

My "The Internet Curmudgeon" column in Internet World magazine

One nice perogative about being editor-in-chief of a magazine is you can (often) pick your own column title and topics. So I did. The Internet Curmudgeon continued in Internet World for about half a year after I stopped being editor-in-chief (up through the January 95 issue). You may be able to find some online elsewhere by searching savvilly; meanwhile, here's some of them:

My "Net.Dern" column in NetGuide magazine

Talk about a self-branding title :-) ... My column here started with the October 1995 issue, and I did six or seven of them before the inevitable editorial refocus brought along some changes. It was great fun while it lasted.

And these links to Net.Dern columns archived on CMP's web site may work, if the virtual creek hasn't shifted:

If you want to try and find some more of these elsewhere online, your best bet is to connect to CMP's TechWeb site and then doing a search on my name ("Dern").

My "The Internet Page" and "Internet Boot" columns in Network Computing magazine

I wrote the "Internet Boot" squib (about 300 words) late 1994 and the beginning of 1995; it then turned into a full page ("The I- Page"), as part of the "H-Report" section, which ran each issue during 1995. You can probably find these connecting to CMP's TechWeb site and then doing a search on my name ("Dern"); also, see if CMP's still got the ones on their site that these links point to:

I'll also put one or two up on this site when I get the chance.

My articles in Network World's Management Strategies section

This weekly section focuses on network managers' management-level issues such as project management, budgeting, hiring, and the like. I'm one of the contributors (about one every few months); my topics to date:
  • Management Communications Skills
  • "Getting on the Speaker Circuit"
  • Project Management
  • "Participating in online discussions -- Good for your career"

My "Internet Advisor" column in PC/Portables magazine

(Original title, when I inherited the column, "Casting the Net")

My mission for this column was to focus on Internet information and tips relevant for the business users of portable computers. I think I did a good job so far; the editor-in-chief seemed to agree.

My PC/Portables column topics/titles (only the first few paragraphs of each article were online) included:

  • "Coping w/Spam and Other E-Junk" (2-parter), Part 1, September 1997, and Part 2, October 1997
  • "Online Backup: Playing It Safe (Backup & Recovery Over the Internet)," August 1997
  • "Have URLs, Will Travel" "URLs for Travellers," July 1997
  • "Email While Travelling: Checking, Reading, Writing, Sending and Escaping From," June 1997
  • "Doing Internet Presentations From Your Notebook," May 1997

Not To Mention...

I also did a few "Buyers Guides," which for me meant writing pleasantly long articles, for MIS Week (I was working on my third when Fairchild folded the publication), for .net (another UK Internet magazine), and Thursday, the MIT student newspaper I ran (but that's another story....).

That's it for columns for now. Feel free to contact me if you want to offer me a column in your print or online publication!

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